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Local Buy is your gateway to doing business with local government.

Local Government in Queensland supports their local suppliers by spending over $1.6 billion in the last three years through Local Buy Arrangements.

Since 2001, Local Buy has been committed to supporting and investing in the advancement of procurement for all 77 Queensland councils and many other organisations and the suppliers they engage, by offering services that help them to reduce risk, save time and realize value in their procurement process. 

The transition to Active Arrangements is about making sure we can continue to support the broad procurement needs of our buyers in Queensland councils and better connect the suppliers in their community to more work opportunities – more often. Starting in August 1st 2021, all Local Buy LGA Arrangements will go Active and will now be open every 3 months – instead of once every 3 years, giving suppliers more opportunities to pre-qualify.

Partnering with

Local Buy works in partnership with other Local Government Associations.

These partnerships enable suppliers on nominated arrangements to be engaged by buyers  in the Northern Territory and/or Tasmania.

All of the Arrangements supply to QLD, but if you want to know which supply to NT and TAS, you have a couple of options.

Option 1, check out the LGANT and LGAT websites, they are a great source of information about the LGA and applicable Arrangements.

Option 2, when tenders are open, a link is live in VendorPanel. Just remember you will only see the link when Arrangements are open in Feb, May, Aug, Nov.

Still have a few questions? Then please connect with LGANT, LGAT or Local Buy.

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