Active Arrangements

Active Arrangements Supporting Active Queensland Councils!

At Local Buy, we appreciate that your procurement strategies need to continuously evolve to ensure the compliant and effective engagement of local suppliers supporting council’s operations. Additionally, there is also the obligation to action the Queensland Audit Office findings recommending stronger governance, process compliance and security of information, whilst meeting community expectations to spend more locally across a diverse supplier base. 
As your Local Government procurement partner, Local Buy is equally driven by these requirements and is responding to support your council. In FY21, one of our primary activities was the development of supporting technology resulting in the launch and delivery of the Nex Gen Procurement ecosystem. This fully funded ecosystem is delivering a solution that enables direct access to local and other pre-qualified suppliers with visibility of process compliance. 

What Active Arrangements delivers for your council and community

  • More suppliers, which are local to you. From 1 August the majority of Local Buy’s LGA Arrangements will become Active; meaning we will open our Arrangements 4 times a year for new suppliers versus once every 2-3 years.
  • Supplier support by reducing the cost and increasing the opportunities. Annual supplier administration fee reduced from $600 (excluding GST) per Arrangement, to an annual Verification Fee of $250 (excluding GST) per supplier (current) allowing them to be on many Arrangements for one single fee. This is important as our Arrangements will be broken down (more on the list) to provide better visibility of the categories and the suppliers.
  • Verification Fee free for those who need it most. Small businesses with less than 20 FTEs and $2m turnover last FY, registered social enterprises, charities, and indigenous suppliers, will pay no Verification Fee.
  • Increased compliance and commercial insight of suppliers. Supplier compliance will be verified on an annual basis and more often if required through risk-based reviews by utilising independent expertise and external intelligence, without making it more complicated for suppliers. Suppliers will receive Verification Statements to support their broader engagement and making the process of tendering for new Arrangements simpler. This intelligence will be available through Nex Gen Procurement to support your council in making informed decisions. 
  • System enabled process compliance, that is securely stored. Integrated procurement platform with audit trails and security of information in the Nex Gen Procurement ecosystem delivering visibility of the engagement and compliance to process.
  • More Local Buy support for Suppliers and Buyers. We have increased our resources to make our Arrangements Active, with more dedicated resources to support suppliers in the field and buyers utilising our Arrangements.

Local Buy Arrangements will be Active in a way that is a first for Queensland and Local Government across Australia. It is the result of a significant investment by Local Buy to ensure this is done in a legislatively compliant and sustainable manner and achieves the critical objective of ensuring local suppliers have more access to opportunities. 

We will be continuing to connect with your teams about what this change means. However, in the interim should you or your team have any questions, please reach out to your Local Buy contact or visit our Home Page which is outlining the changes.

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