For over 20 years, Local Buy has been helping all levels of government, NFP’s, charities, education centres, sporting bodies and many other organisations save with their procurement.

These organisations save time and benefit from huge cost savings by utilising Local Buy’s pre-negotiated Arrangements to save on Electricity as they do not need to establish and manage their own supplier panels and are able to outsource the investigation of cost inefficiencies and rebates to Local Buy.

Due to the fact that Local Buy LGA Arrangements are designed to help councils to use local businesses where possible, as well as harness collective purchasing power to get the best possible rates, government and other organisations can support their community, as well as free up funds to spend in other areas their community needs.

With a strong focus on financial sustainability and efficiency, it makes sense that more local government areas and organisations have been looking to Local Buy Arrangements to save them time and money.

The Local Buy Electricity Arrangements have seen great success for many Queensland councils, with one regional council saving over $5 million in just under 7 years. While another who has recently signed onto the electricity Arrangement is already seeing savings of over $16,500 per month.

In Southeast Queensland, a council has realised the value in using this Arrangement and are expecting to save over $2.7 million over the next 3 years. These savings have enabled many Councils to focus on other projects to enhance the liveability of their region.

But it’s not just councils who have benefited. An example of this is a Not-for-Profit group who recently used Local Buy’s expertise in Electricity Account Management to be on course to save a $692,000 over the 3-year term of their new electricity contract.

Councils can achieve substantial electricity savings by using Local Buy as the go-to business partner to navigate the complex maze of Australian electricity industry regulations, and to optimise the opportunities in an industry undergoing more change than when Thomas Edison first invented the electric light bulb.

If you would like to see how your organisation can save through the Local Buy Electricity Arrangements, please reach out to the team today.