What are Active Arrangements?

As the local government procurement partner, we know that our buyers in Queensland councils need more support and better access to suppliers. And local suppliers need more work – now more than ever!

Knowing this, we have invested heavily in technology, processes and resources to provide Active Arrangements. This initiative allows us to open tenders every three months to invite more local suppliers to become pre-qualified.

This initiative is an Australian first, possibly globally first, advancement in procurement. Not only does it give local businesses more opportunity, but it helps councils get their work done quickly.

An efficient council makes a happy community!

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Simplified Arrangements

We are improving the way we structure our Arrangements.  We are simplifying them for the buyers, so they can easily find what they are looking for. We recognize this might require some suppliers to be on more than one Arrangement. So we have also simplified our annual verification fee to cover each supplier, not each Arrangement. 

Advanced Capability & Compliance Rigour

Streamlining the tender process has not reduced our focus on ensuring compliance. We  implement a combination of annual and risk-based timing checks across what we already do on insurances, financials, Workplace Health & Safety, Environmental, and Quality Assurance.

Industry Leading Technology


Nex Gen delivers strong supplier value, including a single point of connectivity to over 250 buyers. For our buyers, it connects them to local suppliers while significantly lowering the cost of doing business.

Reduced Verification Fees

Whether you are a supplier of one or many Arrangements, one low cost annual verification fee will replace our current administration fees. For small business, charity, indigenous & social enterprises who qualify, there is no verification fee.

Dedicated resources to support suppliers

We now have two dedicated resources who will be focused on supporting suppliers. They will be helping current suppliers to maximize the value of being on our Arrangements, as well as identifying new suppliers and connecting them to opportunities. We know that our suppliers need more support, and we’ve made significant changes to our team to make this happen.

I'm a current supplier on a Local Buy Arrangement
Do I need to do anything?

There is nothing more for you to do unless you would like to be appointed to a new Arrangement, or a new category within the arrangement(s) to which you are currently appointed. Should you wish to do this, then you will need to complete a tender submission. This means we can assess you, ensuring the same rigour as your last tender with us. A simplification of fees means you will only pay $250 for yearly verification irrespective of how many Arrangements you are on.

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