On the 1st of August, Local Buy changed procurement in a way that was a first for local government in Australia. This has been done with the set-up of Arrangements that are tailored for use by all levels of government throughout Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Local Buy was set up by the Local Government Association of Queensland to streamline procurement processes for government. This is allowing them to engage local pre-qualified suppliers quickly through a request for quote, while also using collective purchasing power to get great value.

With Local Buy Arrangements going Active every three months, this allows the opportunity for more businesses to become pre-qualified. This happens after going through the rigorous compliance checks to ensure they meet legislative requirements. By removing the need for local councils to spend time and resources doing this themselves, Local Buy provides a great solution for both buyers and suppliers to contribute to their local communities.

In the first round of Active Arrangements, Local Buy added hundreds of new suppliers across 38 Arrangements. This enables Queensland councils more access to local suppliers to help their communities to not only rebuild, but to thrive.

In addition to the transformation to their Arrangements, Local Buy are supporting small businesses, indigenous businesses, charities and social enterprises. This is by offering them fee free verification indefinitely, to allow better opportunity for these suppliers to be actively engaged in the community.

The second round of Active Arrangements is currently accepting submissions of businesses for November. If you would like to become a supplier to local government and other buyers, or you would like to become a buyer that supports Queensland businesses, please visit the Local Buy page for more details.