We're advancing and evolving to better connect councils to their local suppliers.

At Local Buy, we appreciate that your procurement strategies need to continuously evolve. As your local government procurement partner, Local Buy is equally driven by these requirements and is responding to support your council. 

 In FY21, one of our primary activities was the development of supporting technology. This has resulted in the launch and delivery of the incredible Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem. This fully funded ecosystem is delivering solutions that enable direct access to pre-qualified suppliers with visibility of compliance. 

In FY22 we continue to support this technology roadmap, as well as on our Arrangements. Over the past year we have been significantly investing in our templates, processes and resources to make Local Buy Arrangements Active.

What's changing with Active Arrangements?

More local suppliers

Our Arrangements are open every 3 months, giving suppliers more chances to qualify. We're also making it free for small businesses, charities, indigenous businesses and social enterprises to get verified for as many Arrangements as they wish.

Improved process rigour

After consulting external experts, we are now able to implement a combination of annual and risk-based timing checks across what we already do on insurances, financials, Workplace Health & Safety, Environmental, and Quality Assurance.

Simplified Arrangements

We are improving the way we structure our Arrangements. They are being simplified for our buyers, so they can easily find what they are looking for. This may impact how many Arrangements our suppliers need to be on so we are also simplifying our fee structure.

Dedicated resources for evaluation

Council resources have always been a significant support with the evaluation of Arrangements for Local Buy. While it is valuable, we recognize this is not sustainable for Active Arrangements. So we have established an external independent panel of experts to assist. These independent evaluators understand local government and have the technical knowledge to evaluate a broad range of specifications.

Procurement Partners to support council

Our Local Buy Procurement Partners are supply chain professionals. Their sole focus is on supporting councils and the communities they serve. Our Procurement Partners are Category Managers with intimate knowledge of the LGA Arrangements they implement and manage. They have a deep understanding of the process rigour buyers require, suppliers’ needs, and are passionate about connecting the two across all types of procurement opportunities.

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