Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem

Local Buy’s Partnership with VendorPanel 

Eighteen months after our initial partnership with the VendorPanel platform which provides the core technology foundation of our fully funded Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem, we are pleased to announce the next phase of the ecosystem’s evolution. Through Nex Gen Phase two, councils will now be able to access fully funded enhancements to the Ecosystem and the additional Partner Solution Ecosystem consisting of integrated and cost-effective client-funded upgrade options.

Nex Gen is a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment in local government by the Local Government Association of Queensland and Local Buy, that is supplied to all 77 Queensland councils and eligible not for profits. Our aim is to ensure that every council can access the most effective procurement systems and processes available, in an evolving technology landscape. Nex Gen is our commitment in ensuring that Queensland’s public procurement capability continues to develop in line with advances in technology.

Through the newly enhanced ecosystem, all Queensland councils will have access to VendorPanel’s new Policy Guide at no cost which will help council staff to go to market their preferred way, depending on what they are buying, cost thresholds, risk levels or other factors. This is in addition to existing fully funded Nex Gen functionality, such as supplier management, which allows council to access and engage with thousands of already pre-qualified suppliers (in accordance with the Local Government Act) via Local Buy Active Arrangements and gives them streamlined access to the VendorPanel Marketplace to find other suppliers and enable the ability to release public tenders.

Ongoing enhancements to these features will be delivered to councils as part of a regular program of releases through the partnership under the new Nex Gen Procurement Cloud Partner Solutions banner. More significantly, in line with the commitment to enable our clients to create the most innovative procurement ecosystem available, Nex Gen Councils can now also access additional council-funded integrated Partner Solution modules based on current or future needs. These include:

  • Procurement Planning
  • Advanced Contract Management
  • Purchase Order Creation
  • Risk Registers & Management
  • Incident Reporting & Management
  • Project Management
  • Grant Management
  • A Procurement Home console that consolidates data from all these modules

Announcing details of Nex Gen 2 and of the deepening of the VendorPanel partnership, Local Buy CEO Peter Mifsud, said “Local councils account for on average $7.7 billion of goods and services each year and are a primary supporter of the local businesses and communities they serve.  Local Buy developed and delivered the fully-funded Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem to not only support councils in their procurement processes but to do so in a way that makes it easier for them to connect with their local suppliers and drive improved local economic outcomes”.

Local Buy Director Nex Gen Glen Duff said “With this enhanced partnership and the introduction of client-funded Nex Gen Partner Solutions, the Nex Gen ecosystem continues to evolve to ensure that any complementary technology requirements by our clients are available from within our Nex Gen Partner Solution model. These are Nex Gen integrated, industry-leading and cost-effective products and services now available to purchase via the Nex Gen initiative”.

VendorPanel CEO James Leathem added: “At launch, Nex Gen was an Australian first, unique in how it would transform Local Government procurement. Yet Queensland Councils overwhelmingly understood and embraced the vision. With Nex Gen 2, we are delivering smart new tools to help those Councils manage their sourcing and related risk, as well as a future-proofed path to manage other areas of procurement, contract and risk management.” To learn more about the Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem and the Nex Gen Procurement Cloud, please contact Glen Duff, Director Nex Gen Procurement & Partnerships via

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