Connecting Local Businesses to Local Government

Our Active Arrangements have revolutionised procurement in Australia. And we are working hard to keep it connecting local businesses to local government work in innovative ways.

Here’s a run down of all the ‘need to know’ stuff. 

We have hundreds of buyers across all levels of government. In the last 3 years, our buyers have spent over $1.6 billion in the last three years. And they all want to work with suppliers local to them! From the big smoke, all the way to rural and remote. 

This is a huge opportunity for small businesses!

Open tenders are painful for both buyers and businesses. But we’ve got a streamlined process that allows our Arrangements to open every three months. This way businesses don’t need to wait, and our buyers can avoid the headaches and costs associated with setting up tenders. 

Working with local government means there are a lot of compliance criteria that needs to be checked thoroughly.

We charge a small annual fee of either $0, $250, or $500 plus GST for this. Check below to understand what category your business falls into.

To show that your business meets the compliance requirements to do business with local government, we provide our suppliers with a verification statement to show your accomplishment. This is a great marketing tool!

Our fully funded procurement ecosystem is used by over 76% of local governments in Queensland, as well as other buyers. This system lets them search for providers by location, allowing better visibility for your business.

To allow Local Buy to keep offering this service to local government and local businesses, we have a small service fee. This is on average 1.5% (this can change slightly depending on the Arrangement) that is payable each month on any work won through a Local Buy Arrangement. 


Do you want to do business with local government? Well, obviously!

Find out which Arrangements and Categories your business fits into.

Step 2

Complete your profile on VendorPanel. This is not your tender submission, but where our buyers will engage you once you are on our Arrangements.

Step 4

The waiting game...

For compliance, our buyers need highly qualified suppliers. This takes us some time to evaluate the submissions. We will let you know the outcome of your submission in 6-8 weeks.

Step 3

Complete your tender submission on Apet360. Have all your business insurance and financial details handy to speed up the process. 

Annual Verification Fees


Supplier Exemption

For all small businesses with less than 20 FTE and under $2m turn over, registered charity, indigenous business (Supply Nation or Black Business Finder), or a registered social enterprise (with Social Traders).


Existing  Supplier 

For suppliers already on an Arrangement, the annual fee drops down to $250 per year. There is just one fee, regardless of how many Arrangements you are on. This price is excluding GST.


New Suppliers

For suppliers joining an Arrangement for the first time, a one off verification fee will be applicable. This moves to the $250 fee after your first year. This price is excluding GST.

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