local government procurement game changer

The Local Government Procurement Game Changer

Supply Chain constraints are impacting us all with professional procurement resources hard to find, which is why so many councils are leveraging Local Buy Active Arrangements. With a range of Arrangements that help with projects of all sizes, along with dedicated Category Managers to support you along the way, Local Buy compliment local government procurement teams to help them become the most effective they can be.
With Local Buy being set up by the LGAQ with legislative exemption specifically to meet the local government procurement needs of Queensland, Local Buy has done all the legwork in getting Arrangements ready for councils to compliantly engage suppliers local to them with a simple request for quote through a Local Buy Arrangement.
A lot of expertise has gone into setting up these Arrangements so that councils get good value, can quickly and easily engage local suppliers, save thousands in delays and additional costs of outsourcing, and drastically reduce time to engage suppliers.
Having a range of different Arrangements that cover a broad range of industries allows for quick, efficient, and compliant procurement. Many councils have come to depend on Local Buy as their reliable procurement partner. Either when they are short on resources, or they need a complete team of experts on their side.
Using Local Buy Arrangements support council on five of the major council pain points.

  • Time – Increase speed to engage suppliers, saving your team valuable time.
  • Resources – We have a team of dedicated category managers, specialising in our Arrangements here to support your procurement team.
  • Cost – By reducing associated costs to set up panels, as well as pre-negotiated Arrangements that can be further negotiated directly with the supplier.
  • Compliance – With legislative exemption, Local Buy Arrangements meet procurement requirements, industry experts both internal and external have accessed each and every supplier.
  • Local focus – Allowing councils to engage more businesses within their local LGA.

Whether you want to sub in Local Buy when you’re short on time and resources, or as a part of your strategy to enhance your procurement team, Local Buy is there to help.
A list of all the Arrangements set up by Local Buy are on our website, ready for councils to use immediately.

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